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In the beautiful Sablon district, there is an antiques gallery that is full of treasures: old tables, mirrors, sculptures and many other types of antiques. The antique dealers, Luc and Catherine welcome you there and share their experience with you, an experience that has lasted for 4 generations.


Everyone has their specialty: Luc is an expert in silverware, ancient weapons, Chinese porcelain, religious objects, watches and jewelry. Catherine, who graduated from Sotheby's London School (1989-1990), specializes in antique furniture, decorative arts, lighting, sculptures and glassware. Together, these antique dealers are constantly on the lookout for new authentic and old pieces in order to have a range of antiques of all kinds and for all tastes.

The Yesterday - Knuts Antiques Gallery appraises all antique pieces for you at the best prices on the art market. The gallery's antique dealers put their knowledge at your disposal.

In our gallery, we offer a wide selection of works of art and antiques: furniture, silverware, lights, sculptures and many more. We can advise you and together we will find this much sought after piece.

Do you want to buy a work of art?

Have you inherited an old painting and would like to know its value?

Do you want to sell various trinkets?

Contact us today and it is with the greatest pleasure that the antique dealers in attendance will share their latest acquisitions.

If you wish to sell certain pieces that you have in your possession, the antique dealers of the Yesterday-Knuts gallery will come to your home to estimate your pieces at the best prices on the art market.

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